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An elderly widow finds an unexpected visitor, a young asylum-seeking girl, in her home during dinner.

Inspired by a 2012 event, whereby 40 Burmese Rohingya asylum seekers arrived in the port of Singapore.

Title > Dahdi
Year > Dec 2014
RT > 17mins 23sec
Format > DCP :: HD
Country > Singapore


  1. Best Southeast Asian Short, Singapore Intl Film Festival

  2. As Long As It Takes Showcase
    Rotterdam Intl Film Fest

  3. In competition, Krakow Film Festival

  4. In competition, Tampere Film Festival

  5. Hawaii Intl Film Festival

  6. Thai Short Film and Video Festival

  7. Singapore Short Cuts

  8. Wathann Film Festival

  9. Minikino Film Week


Thin Air


“Thin Air” is a whimsical tale chronicling the final days of Hector. Seated in a wheelchair parked on the roof of his apartment building, Hector flings fishing lines into the cold heights of New York City. He bids his time for the impossible catch, whilst reality bites in the form of Cecilia, his home-care aide.

“Thin Air” is not simply an elegy to solitude. Sometimes the quieter one’s world is, the harder one dreams and sometimes the universe hears you.

Title > Thin Air
Year > 2011
RT > 12 min 10sec
Format > Super 16mm :: Color
Country > New York, USa


  1. Singapore Short Cuts

  2. Best Fiction Nominee
    Singapore Short Film Awards



Cold Noodles


“Cold Noodles” is an absurdist black comedy.

Events conspire against O, flagrantly tempting Fate by eating ramen on a fire escape in just his underwear on a bitterly cold day in New York. A stray gust slams shut his window, leaving him stranded. He scrambles down to the sidewalk, only to find every door and window locked

- then a body falls out of the sky.

Title > Cold Noodles
Year > 2010
RT > 6 min 40sec
Format > 16mm :: B/W
Country > New York, USa


  1. Best Director & Editing Nominee, Singapore Short Film Awards

  2. Winner
    Reel 13 Shorts, PBS Channel

  3. Sonya Award Nominee
    Busan International Film Festival, Korea

  4. Singapore Short Cuts, Showcase

  5. Project Slingshot, London

  6. International MOS celebration, USA





A sink sitting in the low tides.

A boy playing by the beach.

A chance meeting.

“Sink” is a distilled exploration of innocence and experience;
love and loss - an intimation of what might lie beyond.

Year > 2009
RT > 10min 42sec
Format > Super 16mm :: B/W
Country > Thailand


  1. Best International Short Film, Planet In Focus, Canada

  2. Best Cinematography,
    Singapore Short Film Award

  3. Finalist,
    Singapore International Film Festival

  4. Vladivostork International Film Festival, Russia

  5. Rotterdam International Film Festival, The Netherlands (2010)

  6. Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul, Korea

  7. Project Slingshot, London

  8. International Bunker Film Festival, Italy

  9. KL Experimental Film Festival, Malaysia

  10. Osian's Cinefan Film Festival, India




A sex comedy about 4 members in a Korean family.

Mother is a strict religious catholic; Father is henpacked; Sejung is a liberal Arts student, and Jaeho just discovered masturbation.

A not so introspective piece on Sex, God and pornography.

Title > Come
Year > 2007
RT > 20min 46sec
Format > HD :: Color
Country > South Korea


  1. Commissioned by the South Korean ministry of Culture & Tourism.

  2. Sold out screening at Cinus Theatre, Jeonju, 2007

  3. 5th Singapore Short Cuts





A world-within-world story, "Fonzi" is the tale of a movie character who, like Pinocchio, wants to be a real person.

Except Fonzi takes it one step further, and believes herself real when she isn't. And unlike Pinocchio, (who had Disney and magic), Fonzi can never be real.

Year > 2007
RT > 24min
Format > 35mm :: B/W
Country > Singapore


  1. Best Director Award
    Singapore International Film Festival

  2. Best Concept Award
    48th BRNO Sixteen

  3. 3rd place,
    International Women’s Film Festival, Philippines

  4. Best Cinematography
    Asian Film Symposium Youth Jury Award

  5. Special Mention for Direction Asian Film Symposium Youth Jury Award

  6. In Competition, Beijing Film Academy Film Festival

  7. Hannover Intl Film Fest

  8. Finalist, Third Eye Asian Film Fest, Mumbai

  9. Competition, Asian Hotshots Film Festival, Berlin

  10. Finalist, Sehsüchte Internationales Studenten film festival


10 Miutes Later


Determinism is the philosophical doctrine which claims that every physical event, including human cognition and action, is causally determined by an unbroken chain of prior occurrences.

Based on this theory, 10 Minutes Later is a short film that tells the tale of 10 characters – of their habits; quirks and relations. And most importantly, their interweaving lives. This film is a medley of characters.

It is a slice, a dice, a mishmash of life.

Title > 10 Minutes Later
Year > 2006
RT > 10mins 23sec
Format > Super 16mm :: Color
Country > Singapore


  1. Special Jury Prize, the Singapore International Film Festival

  2. Silver Medal
    47th BRNO Sixteen

  3. National Prize Winner
    Kodak Film Award

  4. 3rd place
    Ohnekohle Video & Film Festival, Austria

  5. Best Experimental Film
    4th Annual University Student Film and TV Festival in the Greater China Region

  6. In Competition, Beijing Film Academy International Film and Video Festival

  1. In Competition,
    Tel Aviv International Film Festival

  2. Film Market
    Palm Springs ShortFest

  3. Freshfilm Fest (Czech Republic)

  4. In Competition,
    Festival Internacional De Escuelas De Cine, Argentina

  5. In Competition, 26th Munich International Festival of Film School, Germany

  6. In Competition, Women’s Film Festival in Seoul,